San Marino rock glaze and sgraffito vase and Fratelli Fanciullacci textured striped jug, Italy circa 1960’s

These two pieces illustrate how Italian potteries were leading the way with innovative mid-century modern ceramic design.  From the San Marino’s trademark foamy white smalto roccia (rock glaze) that predated West German ‘Fat Lava’ styles, combined here with a highly stylised fashionable sgraffito image, evoking the 1960’s Italian glamour sought out by the new influx of foreign tourists.  The Fratelli Fanciullacci jug with its heavily textured glaze and hand painted stripes is inspired by the resurgence in studio pottery in Italy at the time, and was important in the revival of craft and the growth of ‘Made in Italy’ after the war.


  1. Hi, we’ve a similar vase as the San Marino rock glaze but with handle and spout. Do you know the artist or producer so we can do some more research. Ours is in pristine condition so we wanted to know what it was worth to see if we’d need to insure or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Delilah

    1. Hi,
      there were numerous potteries in San Marino making very similar pieces eg. Marmaca, Titano, Libertas. Without a base mark absolute attribution isn’t easy, unless a similar piece with a mark or label can be found. Mark Hill’s excellent ‘Alla Moda’ book has various examples ranging in value from £40-120 dependent on maker, size and desirability of style. Hope that helps, Robin

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