Carstens Tonnieshof ‘Mooncrater’ vase, West Germany circa 1970

This is a Stunning and Large Carstens Tonnieshof vase, West Germany circa 1970.

A Fantastic outlandish, prehistoric / space age design by Dieter Peter, part of the high end ‘Luxus’ range.

The bulbous slab of a body is topped with a small decorative handle and neck, a statement piece, not really intended as a practical display piece for flowers!

The body has a contoured surface resembling mooncraters, accentuated by the rough pumice-like glazes, very sculptural and complex, influenced by studio pottery during the era, with its influences ranging from the organic and natural to the prehistoric and space age.

Would be Great as part of a collection of West German / Fat Lava / European Art Pottery, and would make a fantastic addition to any retro, vintage, 60’s, 70’s, mid century, modernist, space age, minimal or contemporary interior.

Marked to the base with the Carstens logo, 7956-25 W.-GERMANY.

In Excellent Condition, no marks, chips or scratches.

Measures 26 x 23 x 16cm / 10 x 9 x 6.25in.

IMG_4797 IMG_4799 IMG_4801


Helene Ugo ceramic wall plaque, decor by Michel Barbier, Vallauris, France circa 1957

This is a Beautiful ceramic wall plaque, produced in Vallauris, France circa 1957 by the Helene Ugo Pottery, decor by Michel Barbier.

A Stunning Mid Century Modernist piece of Abstract / Picasso inspired French Art Pottery.  Hand incised and painted  pattern in a delightful bold Cubist design, with matte black and yellow glazes with a lovely smooth pumice / pebble feel and texture.

Vallauris is a pottery region in south-eastern France, Picasso lived here from 1948 – 55 and greatly contributed to the renaissance of the pottery industry, this legendary golden age when everyone was a potter, including famous ceramicists Roger Capron and Charles Voltz. His influence is clearly seen in the abstracted forms of pieces such as this plaque.

Would make a Fantastic addition to any collection of European / French / Studio / Art Pottery and is a perfect Bright statement piece to decorate any wall in a retro, vintage, mid century modern, 50’s, minimal or contemporary interior.

In Very Good Condition, one small bruise to the glaze on one corner, and some marks to the white glaze on sides and rear so do not detract from the overall look.

Measures 32 x 22 x 1.6cm / 12.5 x 8.75 x 0.6in.

Stamped (indistinct) to the back with Made in France and Helene Ugo Vallauris, hand signed in black paint Vallauris and M?D.

IMG_0492 2 IMG_0502

Set of 6 Retro Orange Plates 1960’s, ‘Fat Lava’ / Vallauris pottery

These are a stunning bright retro set of 6 Orange ceramic plates, made circa 1960’s.

Very Striking with their glossy Orange Majolica style glaze, mottled and flamelike with areas of black and grey, like burning embers. Very reminiscent of the late Sixties Pop Art era, and in the style of European potteries of the era in Vallauris (France), West German ‘Fat Lava’ and Dutch ceramics who all employed similar techniques and designs.

The bases are glazed in a contrasting black, with no markings.

Super stylish and Fantastic to have a set of six, perfect for adding a splash of vintage colour to any table or kitchen.

Would make a great addition to any collection of European pottery, and would complement any retro, vintage, modernist, pop art, kitsch, 60’s, 70’s or contemporary interior.

All in Excellent Condition with no chips, marks or scratches.

Each measure 16 x 16 x 2cm / 6.5 x 6.5 x 0.75in


Bitossi Yellow ‘Spagnolo’ vase, designed by Aldo Londi, Italy circa 1960’s

This is a Beautiful Bitossi Ceramic ‘Spagnolo’ vase, Italy circa 1960’s.

A Great design, the baluster form is made of clay with crushed granules to give a rough texture. The recurring ‘Spagnolo’ (Spanish) motifs are impressed into the surface and picked out in brown and green on a glossy yellow glazed base.

A Fabulous piece designed by Aldo Londi, a striking style very different to the iconic ‘Rimini Blu’, this design was influenced by Moorish tiles, as they were influenced by emerging cultural trends and Mediterranean historical ceramics.

A Wonderful vase from one of the greatest designers and ceramicists of the 20th century that
would make a Fantastic practical vase or display piece, and would look great in any 60’s, retro, vintage, mid century modern, modernist, minimal or contemporary interior. A Great addition to any collection of Bitossi / Italian / European art pottery or 20th century design.

In Excellent Condition, no marks, chips or scratches.

Not marked to the base, as is common with these pieces.

Measures 21 x 10 x 10cm / 8 x 4 x 4in.

IMG_0184 IMG_0186

ES Keramik ‘Fat Lava’ vase, no.385/11, West Germany circa early 1970’s

This is a Great ES Keramik vase, form no. 385 / 11, made in West Germany circa late 1960’s / early 1970’s.

A Fabulous piece from this high quality West German Art Pottery. The squat rectangular form has a short circular neck and round rim, appearing like a volcano or crater on the top.
The decor with its foamy dripping white glaze over a grey base is a great example of the ‘Fat Lava’ style of the era, and is typical of ES Keramik’s distinctive style.

Would make a Great addition to any collection of West German / Fat Lava / European Art Pottery, and would complement any retro, vintage, space age, 60’s, 70’s, modernist, minimal or contemporary interior.

In Excellent Condition, no marks, chips or scratches. The base is glazed over and unmarked.

Measures 13 x 8.5 x 11cm / 5 x 3.5 x 4.5in.




Kienzle Automatic ceramic wall clock, Bauhaus Modernist style, West Germany circa 1950’s

This is a Beautiful Kienzle ceramic wall clock, Germany circa 1950’s / early 1960’s.

A Stunning design with the porcelain body in glossy white framed with yellow glazed strips on the top and bottom. The Wonderfully proportioned square form with the raised central section and circular face is very Bauhaus / modernist in style, very reminiscent of the German designs of the era.

A Fantastic clock from a renowned high quality maker. The face is covered by a glass dome in a chrome surround, hinged for easy access. The numerals and lettering are very stylish and graphic reflecting the Bauhaus influence.

The clock has been fitted with a modern movement and hands to ensure perfect working, the angular geometric hands complement the graphic form perfectly.

A Striking practical piece that would complement any retro, vintage, 50’s, 60’s, modernist, mid century, minimalist or contemporary interior.

In Excellent Condition no marks, chips or scratches. The new Quartz movement keeps perfect time, operated by one AA battery.

Measures 21 x 21 x 3.5cm / 8.5 x 8.5 x 1.5in.

kienzle yellow clock

Jim Beam ‘Wonderful World of Ohio’ limited edition collectors Bourbon Whiskey decanter, USA, 1967


jim beam

This is a Great Jim Beam ‘Wonderful World of Ohio’ limited edition collectors Bourbon Whiskey decanter from 1967.

A Fantastic Kitsch Retro styled flask made from Handcrafted China. Formed in the shape of the State of Ohio, with a fabulous glossy glaze and great images.
One side features ‘The Wonderful World of Ohio’ with a stylised picture, and the original foil label.
The other has a Stunning vintage montage of aspects of Ohio in the 60’s.

Still has the original stopper and cork with the remains of the seal label, the decanter is empty but the cork is stuck in, could be cut out if you want to use the flask, perfect as a decorative piece.

Marked to the base, and has the Regal China makers foil label on the side.

A Striking piece of Collectable Retro China, that would make a great addition to any retro, vintage, sixties, kitsch, American themed or Mid Century interior.

In Excellent Condition, no marks, chips or scratches.

Measures 26 x 14 x 6cm / 10.25 x 5.5 x 2.25in.
Have any questions? Contact the shop owner. jim beam 2

Ceramiche Zaccagnini Geisha playing a harp figurine, Florence, Italy circa 1940’s / 50’s

This is a beautiful and rare piece of Mid Century Modernist Italian pottery by the Zaccagnini pottery.  Depicting a Japanese Geisha playing a harp (kugo) the style owes much to the companies Art Nouveau and Art Deco heritage.  Produced under the tutelage of Urbano Zaccagnini who had taken over the pottery from his father Ugo in 1937, the focus shifted to decorative figurines, finding favour with high class US stores such as Tiffany’s. During this period they also produced limited, highly collectable and valuable figures for Disney.  This wonderful piece contrasts an unglazed matte base with a vibrant blue majolica glaze giving the stylised figure an ancient appearance.

Bertoncello Ceramiche D’Arte yellow cube vase, form no. 908, Italy circa 1960’s

This is a Stunning and Beautiful Bertoncello vase made by the Italian pottery circa 1960’s / early 1970’s.

An iconic sculptural piece of Retro Italian ceramic design by the famous Bertoncello Ceramiche D’Arte. In their trademark style geometric and monumental and resembling large pebbles / modern architectural forms. With dramatic curves, rounded corners and recessed pierced holes, recalling the works of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

Very Space Age / Op / Pop Art in form with its curved cuboid form, and sits on two shallow pedestal feet so it floats on a surface. Striking mottled, dripped and streaked glossy yellow and brown tones in the glaze, reminiscent of ‘Fat Lava’ pottery.