Smalto roccia & sgraffito wall plaque, Ceramiche Giulianelli, San Marino, Italy circa 1960’s

This is a Lovely decorative wall plaque made by Ceramiche Giulianelli, San Marino, Italy circa 1960’s.

A Fantastic design, the white ceramic slip moulded plaque is decorated with a smalto roccia (rock glaze) very similar to a Fat Lava glaze, this represents the cliffs and mountains of San Marino. This is embellished with an incised sgraffito pattern of Mediterranean buildings, colourfully hand painted with enamelled glossy glazes.

Would make a Great addition to any collection of Italian ceramics, Fat Lava or European pottery, and would complement any retro, vintage, mid century, kitsch, 1960’s, Mediterranean or contemporary interior.

In Great Condition, a little crazing commensurate with age, the slip mould is rough and unrefined as this is how they were made, no chips or cracks.

Marked to the base Ceramica Giulianelli Rep. S. Marino.

Measures 25 x 8.5 x 2.4cm / 10 x 3.5 x 1in.

IMG_2111 IMG_2108

Vintage Italian Fratelli Fanciullacci Baluster Vase circa 1960’s

This is a Great Fratelli Fanciullacci baluster vase, Italy circa 1960’s.

A Beautiful piece from one of the leading postwar Italian potteries. Their modern styles were inspired by the art movement and new ceramic designs of the mid century era. Their designs reflected the growth in European studio pottery, and were similarly entirely handmade.

The clean-lined geometric form, with the conical neck is accentuated by the two bands of carved and glazed motifs. Brightly coloured in green and orange glossy glazes, they jump out from the pumice like, textured, black and white background, which has repeated impressed square dots adding to the decor.

A Wonderful vase, stylish and colourful, the same form with a different glaze can be seen on p.129 of Mark Hill’s ‘Alla Moda’ Italian Ceramics book.

Would make a Fantastic addition to any collection of Italian / European / Studio / Fat Lava pottery, and would complement any retro, vintage, 60’s, mid century, modernist, minimal or contemporary interior.

In Excellent Condition, no marks, chips or scratches.

Hand marked to the base 8627 ITALY.

Measures 25.5 x 12 x 12cm / 10 x 4.75 x 4.75in.

IMG_9961 IMG_9964

Aseda Glasbruk Ruby Red Blown Glass ‘Jack in the Pulpit’ / Bone vases, Sweden circa 1960’s

These are a Beautiful Pair of Aseda Glasbruk Swedish Art Glass ‘Jack in the Pulpit’ / Bone vases circa 1960’s.

A Stunning retro mid century design, the Elegant Organic form resembling the ‘Jack in the Pulpit’ hooded woodland flower.

The Ruby Red long slender stems flare out to the curved hooded rims, they sit on clear glass feet filled with ‘controlled bubbles’. The form and glassblowing techniques used are very similar to Whitefriars and Murano glass, which these are commonly mistaken for.

Great Vintage Scandinavian design, that is very reminiscent of styles of the era. The difference in height and shapes of the rims of the pair only adds to their organic natural freeform charm.

Would make a Fantastic addition to any collection of Scandinavian / European / Art Glass and would complement any retro, vintage, mid century, sixties, Nordic or contemporary interior.

In Great Condition, just the usual age related marks and small fleabites on the bases, nothing visible on display or to detract.

Measuring 18 x 5.5 x 5.5cm / 7 x 2.25 x 2.25in.
aseda vases

aseda vases 2

Set of 4 Dumler & Breiden Keramik vases and bowls, West Germany circa 1960’s

IMG_9729This is a Great Set of 4 Dumler & Breiden Keramik pieces, West Germany circa 1960’s.

Beautiful Mid Century style design from this renowned West German pottery of high quality wares and ‘Fat Lava’ pieces. The decor is influenced by abstract Cubist patterns and with the terracotta glaze has a natural classic look, coupled with the simple curved forms.

The two small bud vases are elegantly curved, one slender with a flared rim, the other short and bulbous. The two shallow bowls / dishes have gently sloping sides, one has a pointed end, suggesting a handle.

A Stunning little collection, the forms complement each other beautifully and the simple zig zag painted motifs in white, blue and yellow add a nice retro touch.

Would be Great as part of a collection of West German / Fat Lava / European Art Pottery, and would make a fantastic addition to any retro, vintage, 50’s, 60’s, mid century, modernist, minimal or contemporary interior.

In Excellent Condition, no marks, chips or scratches on the pieces.

Marks to the base vary on each piece and are indistinct impressed or hand inscribed, the short vase is most clearly numbered 979, all marks are shown in the base photo.


Slender vase 11 x 4.5 x 4.5 / 4.5 x 1.75 x 1.75in.
Bulbous vase 7 x 9 x 9cm / 2.75 x 3.5 x 3.5in.
Lozenge shaped bowl 3 x 14 x 10cm / 1.25 x 5.5 x 4in.
Handled bowl 3.5 x 13.5 x 12.5cm / 1.5 x 5.5 x 5in.
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Bertoncello Ceramiche D’Arte yellow cube vase, form no. 908, Italy circa 1960’s

This is a Stunning and Beautiful Bertoncello vase made by the Italian pottery circa 1960’s / early 1970’s.

An iconic sculptural piece of Retro Italian ceramic design by the famous Bertoncello Ceramiche D’Arte. In their trademark style geometric and monumental and resembling large pebbles / modern architectural forms. With dramatic curves, rounded corners and recessed pierced holes, recalling the works of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

Very Space Age / Op / Pop Art in form with its curved cuboid form, and sits on two shallow pedestal feet so it floats on a surface. Striking mottled, dripped and streaked glossy yellow and brown tones in the glaze, reminiscent of ‘Fat Lava’ pottery.

Hoptimist Billionaire Bimble Money Box in red, designed by Hans Gustav Ehrenreich, Denmark circa 1969

The Hoptimist ‘Billionaire Bimble’ moneybox is a classic of Danish Modern design.  The range of brightly coloured spring bodied toy figures were created by Hans Gustav Ehrenreich in 1969, and definitely embody a feeling of Space Age optimism and Pop Art fun into their quirky design.

Set of 6 Walter Bosse style stacking metal hedgehog ashtray / dishes and a Kosta Boda etched glass hedgehog designed by Vicke Lindstrand

Contrasting vintage hedgehogs, the dark metal Walter Bosse style set of 6 stacking small ashtrays is a beautiful and ingenious design and a real mid century classic.  The Kosta Boda clear glass paperweight, designed by Vicke Lindstrand exemplifies the minimal Scandinavian aesthetic, a simple form with etched spines.  Vintage woodland animals to add some nature inspired retro style to any interior this autumn.

Whitefriars ‘Textured’ cinnamon glass bowl, designed by Geoffrey Baxter circa 1967 & Amber bowl / ashtray for Parker Pens attributed to Whitefriars circa 1960’s.

The ‘Textured’ range designed by Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars Glass in 1967 is a design classic of the 20th century.  This beautiful cinnamon coloured bowl could be paired up with an iconic ‘coffin’ or ‘banjo’ vase to stunning effect.

The Amber glass bowl / ashtray for Parker Pens, with its Art Deco swirled styling is attributed to Whitefriars who produced glass paperweight pen bases and ashtray desk sets circa 1960’s.

Kitsch seascene with Starfish, fish and shells, set in an Atomic era abstract shaped Lucite block paperweight, circa 1950′s

At the moment I’m really loving pieces such as this that exhibit so many characteristics of Mid-century design.  From the use of new types of plastic to create innovative pieces in abstract forms that owes so much to the Atomic-era and the Jet-age, fusing geometric angular shapes with streamlined contours. And the brightly coloured Kitsch underwater scenes, mementos of Inter-Continental foreign travel.