Vintage ‘Walk / Dont Walk’ New York crosswalk sign lenses, USA circa 1980’s

These are a Great Vintage Pair of ‘Walk Dont Walk’ plastic lenses from an American crosswalk / pedestrian crossing illuminated street sign.

Made by the Eagle Signal Company, they would have originally have been illuminated in a yellow metal housing, probably from New York or Chicago circa 1970’s / 80’s.

A Classic Retro design, they have now been replaced with symbol signs. The Orange and Blue plastic lenses are printed with a matte black coating, with cut out bold lettering. The backs are textured to diffuse the light.

Would be fantastic as industrial chic home / bar / shop decor, displayed in frames, lightboxes, on windows etc. Highly collectable vintage / retro Americana.

Good Condition, the plastic lenses are crack and chip free. The printed signs are worn in places, but this only adds to the vintage look when lit up!

Each measures 23.5 x 22 x 0.6cm / 9.25 x 8.75 x 0.25in.



Vintage ‘dj formula 1’ wooden Skateboard with classic ACS-430 trucks and orange wheels, circa 1970’s

A great collectable wooden skateboard, with its parallel stripes of grip tape, vintage sticker, classic trucks and bright orange wheels.  Still works great, showing signs of wear and tear which only add to its character and history. Perfect for rediscovering your 70’s / 80’s childhood, or for display as a retro accessory!