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Vintage boxed set of ‘card suit’ ceramic pin dishes, Claude Tabet, Paris, France circa 1950’s

This is a Great boxed set of 4 colourful ceramic pin dishes with a card suit theme, Claude Tabet, Paris, France circa early 1950’s.

A Wonderful boxed set, containing the original fascinating and beautiful shop leaflet. Claude Tabet (1924-1979) was a French artist who branched out into studio pottery, with his own Parisian shops, in the early 1950’s.

Lovely small dishes could be used as pin dishes, paperweights, desk accessories or just as display pieces. The four bowls are shaped like the card suits, hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds, and are very brightly glossy glazed in green, yellow, purple and red.

Very reminiscent of the mid century 1950’s era, similar to the work of Roger Capron in Vallauris, a perfect set to brighten any space.

Would make a Fantastic addition to any collection of French / European studio pottery, and would complement any 1950’s, mid century, retro, vintage, French style, minimal or contemporary interior.

In Excellent Condition, boxed as new! No chips, cracks or crazing.

The box measures 11 x 11 x 2.5cm / 4.5 x 4.5 x 1in.

Each dish measures approx 5 x 5 x 2cm / 2 x 2 x 0.75in.

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Mid Century Italian Pottery ‘Donkey and Cart’ cactus planter circa 1960’s

This is a Fantastic pottery donkey / horse and cart planter / vase, made in Italy circa 1950’s / 60’s

A Lovely stylised mid century design, very reminiscent of Walter Bosse’s animal figures. The cartoon like donkey with a coiled mane and tail pulling a cart that can be used as a planter.

Stunning glazes similar to those used by Fratelli Fanciullacci, this piece is attributed to one of the Montelupo potteries (Bitossi region). Over a khaki green glossy base is a textured spray glaze in an off white. Highlighted by the red coiled mane and tail, and patterned motifs on the cart picked out in yellow.

Perfect for use as a planter for a cactus or small plant, as a small posy vase, or as a novelty table decoration for holding breadsticks, sweets etc.

Would make a Great addition to any collection of Italian / European pottery, and would complement any retro, vintage, 1950’s, 1960’s, mid century or kitsch styled interior.

Marked to the base ‘Made in Italy’.

In Excellent Condition, no chips, cracks or crazing, a couple of small unglazed patches from production, nothing to detract.

Measures 20 x 12 x 9cm / 8 x 4.75 x 3.5in.

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‘Tigris’ vase and dish, Zell Shmider Keramik, West Germany circa 1956

These are a Beautiful miniature vase and dish pair, made by Zell Schmider Keramik, West Germany, form and decor designed by Anneliese Beckh circa 1956.

In the Stunning ‘Tigris’ decor, with its glossy black glaze and wavy stripes in yellow and white. Very reminiscent of the era and most likely influenced by Picasso, Cubism and Modernist styles, understated, elegant and classic design.

Lovely forms, the small vase having a rounded tapered body with a curving rim and the pin dish sits at an angle with an asymmetric curved kidney shape. Both perfect as part of a centrepiece or grouping, as a single stem vase and pin dish, desk accessories, or sculptural pieces in their own right.

Pieces from this lesser known pottery are rarer than the output of the large ceramics factories of the 60’s / 70’s, and this earlier Mid Century style is very collectable as an antithesis to the ‘Fat Lava’ styles.

Would complement any collection of West German or European Art / Studio pottery, and would look fantastic in any retro, vintage, mid century, fifties, modernist, minimal or contemporary interior.

In Excellent Condition, a couple of miniscule fleabite sized rough patches on the rims, nothing to detract on display, no chips or cracks.

Marked to the base 3589 Made in Western Germany 1786 26 and with the company logo.

The small vase measures 12 x 7.5 x 7cm / 4.75 x 3 x 2.75in. Marked to the base ‘Made in Western Germany 4167’.

The pin dish measures 10.5 x 7 x 4cm / 4.25 x 2.75 x 1.75in. Marked to the base ‘4087 22’.

IMG_5637 IMG_5643 IMG_5647

Jean de Lespinasse Ceramic Handled Vase, Nice, France circa 1960’s

This is a Beautiful and Rare French ceramic handled vase by Jean de Lespinasse, Nice, France circa late 1950’s / early 1960’s.

Jean de Lespinasse was a French ceramicist who worked from a studio in Nice on the French Riviera. His work was sold in Paris, Vallauris and abroad, his contemporaries included Roger Capron, Madoura with Picasso and Robert Picault.

A Wonderful form, very chunky and heavy, with its pinched waist and flared rim complemented by the thick elegantly curved handle.

In a bright glossy orange glaze, contrasted by the black interior, decorated with a beautiful stylised image of a lady surrounded by flowers, very reminiscent in style of the 50’s / 60’s era.

Would make a Fantastic addition to any collection of French Studio Art pottery, European / Vallauris ceramics, and would complement any retro, vintage, mid century, 50’s, 60’s, pop art, minimal or contemporary styled interior.

In Great Condition, a couple of small missing glaze chips on the rim, pictured, nothing to detract from the overall stunning look.

Measures 25 x 20 x 16cm / 10 x 8 x 6.25in. Hand signed to the base JDL 402.

This is a substantial chunky vase weighing almost 2kg, overseas bidders please enquire for a courier postage cost, reductions available on combined shipping.

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Yellow bottle vase / jug no.4300 by Marei Keramik, West Germany, circa late 1960’s.

This is a Lovely bright yellow bottle vase / jug by Marei Keramik, West Germany, circa late 1960’s.

A Fantastic form no. 4300 with its handled squat shape like a schnapps bottle, but also prefect as a jug or decorative handled / bottle vase or even as a candleholder.

A Great Collectable decor, the black base glaze covered with a vibrant Yellow glaze, lightly speckled with orange, the black glaze showing through in random spot patterns.

Until recently these pieces were attributed to Roth Keramik, as they share the same red clay colour, and similar designs and forms.

Perfect as an addition to any collection of Fat Lava / West German pottery, and would be a perfect piece to brighten up any retro, vintage, 60’s, 70’s, pop art, space age or contemporary styled interior.

The base is unmarked other than a white printed ‘Foreign’ stamp.

In Excellent Condition, no marks, chips or scratches.

Measures 16 x 12 x 12cm / 6.25 x 4.75 x 4.75in.

IMG_1457 IMG_1452