Set of 4 teak lidded ceramic canisters, by Bitossi Ceramiche, Italy circa 1960’s

These are a Fantastic set of 4 teak lidded ceramic canisters, by Bitossi Ceramiche, Italy circa 1960’s / 1970’s.

A Wonderful bright design, probably by Aldo Londi, with their lower half having a glossy orange glaze, incised with vertical ribs. Contrasting with the unglazed middle section which has the rough texture so reminiscent of Bitossi pieces. Capped by a glossy white rim and each having a teak lid which has a rubber seal to secure it.

The colours and style are so typical of the mid century era and of Londi’s iconic work for Bitossi.

A Very unusual and highly collectable set of canisters, prefect for storage in a retro kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office or living room, but would equally look great as decoration in any room arranged in a row or cluster on a table or mantelpiece.

Would make an Excellent addition to any collection of Italian / European pottery and would complement any 1960’s, 70’s, retro, vintage, mid century, minimal, modernist or contemporary interior.

In Excellent Condition, no cracks or chips, some crazing to the white glaze and irregularities in the unglazed areas from production. The lids have a lovely age related patina to them.

The largest pot measures 19 x 14 x 14cm / 7.5 x 5.5 x 5.5in.

Second largest measures 16 x 12 x 12cm / 6.5 x 4.75 x 4.75in.

Third largest measures 13 x 10 x 10cm / 5 x 4 x 4 in.

Smallest pot measures 9.5 x 7.5 x 7.5cm

Handpainted marks to the bases ‘320 Italy’, ‘321 Italy’, ‘323 Italy’.


Pair of Schlossberg Keramik ‘Kuba’ vases, West Germany circa 1958

These are a Stunning Pair of Schlossberg Keramik ‘Kuba’ vases, designed by Liesel Spornhauer, West Germany circa 1958.

A Fantastic decor, very reminiscent of the era and inspired by Cubist / Mondrian art and design. With the matte black glazed background having a hand decorated tube lined glaze in glossy white forming a random abstract grid like pattern. Some of the spaces are then filled with glossy vibrant red, yellow and blue glazes.

Wonderful forms, the larger vase has a bulbous top heavy shape with a slanted rim, the smaller vase has a tapered form and ‘fishmouth’ curved rim.

Modern art meets ceramics, in this delightful pair by this renowned smaller high quality West German pottery. A Highly collectable mid century art pottery decor.

Would make an Excellent addition to any collection of West German / European / Schlossberg ceramics. And would complement any retro, vintage, mid century, modernist, 1950’s, 1960’s, minimal or contemporary interior.

Both in Excellent Condition, no chips, cracks or crazing, the matte black paint shows some light marks as is common with this design, nothing to detract on display.

The large vase measures 21 x 11 x 11cm / 8.25 x 4.25 x 4.25in.

The smaller vase measures 19 x 9.5 x 8cm / 7.5 x 3.75 x 3.25in.

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Brutalist boy / girl studio pottery figure

As the year end approaches, thought I would share my favourite find of the year. This striking Brutalist style boy / girl double sided pottery figure.
Its sitting in my collection at the moment, on display of course, awaiting more info.
Unmarked and measuring 23 x 19 x 7cm / 9 x 7.5 x 2.75in, and weighing a hefty 2kg for its size! Wonderfully crafted with its clever geometric inlaid construction, glazed and unglazed components, and featuring a different stylised figure on each side.

Most likely a studio piece, possibly Danish and in the style of modernist designers such as Paul Evans, its a mystery that hopefully will be solved in 2014!


‘Tigris’ vase and dish, Zell Shmider Keramik, West Germany circa 1956

These are a Beautiful miniature vase and dish pair, made by Zell Schmider Keramik, West Germany, form and decor designed by Anneliese Beckh circa 1956.

In the Stunning ‘Tigris’ decor, with its glossy black glaze and wavy stripes in yellow and white. Very reminiscent of the era and most likely influenced by Picasso, Cubism and Modernist styles, understated, elegant and classic design.

Lovely forms, the small vase having a rounded tapered body with a curving rim and the pin dish sits at an angle with an asymmetric curved kidney shape. Both perfect as part of a centrepiece or grouping, as a single stem vase and pin dish, desk accessories, or sculptural pieces in their own right.

Pieces from this lesser known pottery are rarer than the output of the large ceramics factories of the 60’s / 70’s, and this earlier Mid Century style is very collectable as an antithesis to the ‘Fat Lava’ styles.

Would complement any collection of West German or European Art / Studio pottery, and would look fantastic in any retro, vintage, mid century, fifties, modernist, minimal or contemporary interior.

In Excellent Condition, a couple of miniscule fleabite sized rough patches on the rims, nothing to detract on display, no chips or cracks.

Marked to the base 3589 Made in Western Germany 1786 26 and with the company logo.

The small vase measures 12 x 7.5 x 7cm / 4.75 x 3 x 2.75in. Marked to the base ‘Made in Western Germany 4167’.

The pin dish measures 10.5 x 7 x 4cm / 4.25 x 2.75 x 1.75in. Marked to the base ‘4087 22’.

IMG_5637 IMG_5643 IMG_5647

Bakelite Chinaman Pretzel holder, Germany circa 1940’s

This is a Stunning Bakelite Pretzel holder, Germany circa 1940’s.

A Fantastic design so evocative of the era. The stylised Chinaman figure is made of yellow and black Bakelite standing on a rectangular black Bakelite stand. Great form and detailing with the conical Asian hat, eyes, a rod nose, collar and buttons in black, and the body and head in a very faintly marbled yellow.

The pretzel sticks can be held in the coiled spring gilt metal basket on his back, pretzel rings can be slid on the metal pole, which is topped with a yellow bakelite ball.

Great as a table / bar accessory, could be used as part of a table setting for Christmas or parties, coule be used for sweets / cigarettes etc.

A Fantastic antique Bakelite collectable that would make a great addition to any collection, and would complement any retro, vintage, 1940’s, 1950’s, Art Deco, Modernist or contemporary interior.

In Excellent Condition, no marks, chips or scratches, usual age related marks on the underside of the base, nothing visible.

Measures 16.5 x 9 x 6cm / 6.5 x 3.5 x 2.5in.

IMG_5526 IMG_5523

Zelezny Brod Glassworks freeform vase, Czechoslovakia circa 1960’s

This is a lovely small freeform blown art glass vase, made by the Zelezny Brod Glassworks, Czechoslovakia circa 1960’s.

A Fantastic sculptural freeform organic design by Miloslav Klinger, evoking the liquidity of molten glass in its form and swirled curving form, which appears different from each side.

Displays the master craftsmanship of the glassblowers at Zelezny Brod glassworks, using traditional techniques such as those from Murano in new exciting innovative futuristic ways.

Would be perfect as a small bud / single stem vase or as part of a grouping. Catches the light beautifully through the curves. Similar examples can be seen in Mark Hill’s book ‘Hi Sklo Lo Sklo’.

Perfect as an addition to any collection of Czech / Sklo / Bohemian Art Glass, and would complement any retro, vintage, 60’s, 70’s, modernist, mid century, space age, minimal or contemporary styled interior.

In Excellent Condition, no marks, chips or scratches.

Measures 13 x 6 x 6cm / 5 x 2.5 x 2.5in.

IMG_5096 IMG_5102

Pair of Dartington Glass ‘Panel + Spot’ vases, made in England circa 1960’s



These are a Beautiful Pair of Dartington Glass ‘Panel + Spot’ vases / candleholders, made in England circa 1960’s / early 1970’s.

Fantastic Modernist design by Frank Thrower, hexagonal thick walled art glass, with raised ‘Panel + Spot’ motifs on each side, referencing ancient Greek styles.

The smaller vase pattern number FT88 has a shape reminiscent of an inkwell with its squared rim. The rare taller vase, has a slight variation in tone, almost turquoise, and is a wonderfully imposing geometric clean lined form, with a subtle frosted texture to the glass.

A classic iconic design very reminiscent of the sixties. The glassblowers at Dartington were trained by Scandinavian masters from Kosta and Orrefors and this is refelected in the style and technique.

Striking examples of British Art Glass that would make a great addition to a Dartington collection and would complement Whitefriars or Scandinavian glass designs. Would be great in any retro, vintage, sixties, mid century modern, minimal or contemporary interior.

In Excellent Condition, a couple of miniscule fleabites on the rims, too small to photograph, nothing to detract on display.

Measuring: Larger 9.5 x 11 x 10cm / 3.75 x 4.5 x 4in
Smaller 8 x 10.5 x 10cm / 3.25 x 4.25 x 4in.

IMG_4813 IMG_4823


Carstens Tonnieshof ‘Mooncrater’ vase, West Germany circa 1970

This is a Stunning and Large Carstens Tonnieshof vase, West Germany circa 1970.

A Fantastic outlandish, prehistoric / space age design by Dieter Peter, part of the high end ‘Luxus’ range.

The bulbous slab of a body is topped with a small decorative handle and neck, a statement piece, not really intended as a practical display piece for flowers!

The body has a contoured surface resembling mooncraters, accentuated by the rough pumice-like glazes, very sculptural and complex, influenced by studio pottery during the era, with its influences ranging from the organic and natural to the prehistoric and space age.

Would be Great as part of a collection of West German / Fat Lava / European Art Pottery, and would make a fantastic addition to any retro, vintage, 60’s, 70’s, mid century, modernist, space age, minimal or contemporary interior.

Marked to the base with the Carstens logo, 7956-25 W.-GERMANY.

In Excellent Condition, no marks, chips or scratches.

Measures 26 x 23 x 16cm / 10 x 9 x 6.25in.

IMG_4797 IMG_4799 IMG_4801


Kienzle ‘Tam-Tam’ alarm clock, made in Germany circa 1930′s

This is a Stunning and Rare Kienzle ‘Tam-Tam’ alarm clock, made in Germany circa 1930’s.

A Beautiful design from this renowned maker of high quality clocks. Has all the hallmarks of the Art Deco era. With its round Chrome body gently leaning back on attractively detailed feet and stand. With a carry handle on the top, and sliding knobs for alarm/silent and steady/repeat functions. Even the dials on the rear are attractive and the winders have the Kienzle logo on.

The face is Beautiful, sitting behind glass, framed by a cream border in a bright white with Great vintage lettering and numerals very Art Deco / Bauhaus / Modernist in style. With a second and alarm dial also, the hands are also embellished.

The numerals, hands and border glow in the dark, for easy reading at night!

Fully Working, keeping good time, can be adjusted on the back. The alarm is working and Very Loud!

In remarkable condition for its age, some tarnishing, mostly on the rear and stand, could be polished to perfection! Some tiny rust marks around clock face rim, nothing to detract from the Excellent look on display.

A Real Rare Art Deco gem, would make a Stunning addition to any bedroom, table or desk.

Would make a Fantastic decorators / designers piece for any retro, vintage, antique, Art Deco, Modernist, Bauhaus, 1930’s styled interior.

Measures 17 x 12 x 6cm / 6.75 x 4.75 x 2.5in.

IMG_4606 IMG_4596

Bitossi ‘Pinguino’ in ‘Rimini Blu’ designed by Aldo Londi, Italy circa 1959

This is a Fantastic Large Rimini Blu ‘Pinguino’ (Penguin) money box / figurine, by Bitossi Ceramiche, Italy circa 1960’s.

A Striking form, the stylised Penguin has a bulbous body with small wings on the sides, small cut out holes for eyes and a conical beak on the domed head. With a cutout on the back for coins and a plastic stopper in the base for retrieving them. Perfect as a classy moneybox or as a sculptural piece to display in its own right.

A Fabulous design by Aldo Londi from 1959, in the striking iconic ‘Rimini Blu’, With its alternating bands of impressed motifs resembling Arabesque or Runic patterns, it is influenced by the new trends in art and design in the mid century period. Beautiful glossy layered blue and turquoise glazes evoke the colours of the Mediterranean Sea.

A Wonderful, Rare and Unusual piece from one of the greatest designers and ceramicists of the 20th century.

Would look great in any 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, retro, vintage, mid century modern, modernist, minimal or contemporary interior. A Great addition to any collection of Bitossi / Italian / European art pottery or 20th century design.

In Great Condition, the front of the beak has been previously chipped and repainted, doesn’t detract on display, could easily be smoothed or repainted if desired. A few small flakes of missing glaze as is common with this style of rough glazed ceramics.

Indistinct hand painted mark to the base, series of numbers and Italy.

Measures 22 x 13 x 13cm / 8.5 x 5 x 5in.

IMG_4667 IMG_4666 IMG_4665